Feel It All Around Chews

They're creamy, melty, smooth, and fruity! It's like enjoying a slice of pie in one perfect bite! Made with fresh lime juice and natural ingredients these fruit chews are unlike any other candy you will try. 

Available in Lemon and Lime.

(Allergens: Soy, Dairy)


.44 Caliber Chews

Our chocolate chews start off chewy and finish smooth. Each is made with Valrhona chocolate, making a unique treat for any chocolate lover. 

Available in Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and Caramelized White Chocolate. (Allergens: Soy)


ExtraOrdinary Caramels

Our caramels are made very carefully so that they're silky smooth with just the right amount of chew. 

Available in Dulce de Leche and Vanilla Bean Sea Salt

(Allergens: Soy, Dairy)

Coming Soon!

Marshmallows, Sprinkles, Hard Candies, Gummies, and More! Stay tuned!

(Our products are naturally gluten free and prepared in a nut-free facility.)