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This is candy for parties. This is candy for alone at the end of the day. For the little bowl by the front door. For your desk drawer. For the high-up shelf. For sharing. For stashing. For pairing with story re-hashing. For thank-you’s, I-love-you’s, and even I-owe-you’s. 

It’s what you remember candy tasting like. 

What you always imagined candy should taste like. 

Handmade and hand-wrapped with care in Chicago, Illinois.

Nikki Darling Confections is the new nostalgia in candy. 

The New Nostalgia in Candy.

evan coben chicago handmade candy homemade marshmallow

Nikki Darling Confections is a boutique candy company owned and operated by Evan Coben. Her lifelong passion for candy led her to culinary school and has since blossomed into a growing small business in Chicago. Her knowledge of food science and confectionery arts has allowed her to recreate her favorite classic American candy with a handmade touch. Each batch of specialty candy is handcrafted, from caramels to marshmallows to chewy candy. Once the batch of candy is firm, it is then cut, wrapped, and packaged by hand in Chicago. A true labor of love!

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